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Welcome! I ran across snowbikes at Homewood Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe around 1971. Some call them skibobs, sit skis, skibikes or snowbikes. I rented one, had the time of my life and never looked back! What a rush! It's so much fun! It had become my new Passion!

Back in 1971 Homewood in Tahoe rented Brenter snowbikes. The bikes were black and silver, no shocks, plastic boot skis with steel claws in the back of the skis to help slow you down. A few years later Homewood decided to sell off their fleet of Brenter snowbikes. I ended up buying 2 for around $200. Snowbiking really hadn't taken off yet. It was rare I ran across other snowbikers. Years later Homewood decided not to allow the bikes there anymore. I was crushed! No place in California would allow me to ride. I had to revert to getting a lift from a friend on a snowmobile to get me up the mountain or just take short 100 yard rides near the cabin in Tahoe.

It was about 1997 Sierra-at-Tahoe had advertised on RSN network they rented Vertex snowbikes and allowed people to bring their own. YES!  I was so excited! I called Sierra-at-Tahoe and spoke with Mark Reeves (another snowbiker, one of  the American Skibike Association members), nice guy. He got me in contact with Don Koski of Koski Snowsports. I met Don that year at Boreal where I was first introduced to the Koski Montrac Snowbike. The Koski Monotrac had amazing suspension and rides like a dream. Very comfortable ride. I have been riding a Koski ever since.

It seems there are two groups of riders. Riders who wear foot skis and riders who use only foot pegs. I ride using Sleddog boots ( a ski boot with a built-in ski on the bottom ) from Norway that the Boreal Mountain Manager turned me on to the year I met Don. The marriage of Sleddog boots and a Koski bike was perfect for me! It's the way I ride. You can always put on some footskis and carve it up or do powder. Or just ride the pegs and get some air, powder or speed. It's a very versatile snowbike. 

 Don and I became friends sharing the same passion for skibiking. I ride as often as possible and I am dedicated to promoting the sport of snowbikes anyway I can. I would love to see snowbikes at the Winter X Games. That would be so cool to watch a snowbike cross! I know the spectators would think so too! I sometimes ride with Don Koski’s crew of younger more fearless aerial crazies. Koski’s bikes are designed for the peg riders. These guys do superman's, etc… They are awesome to watch!

 I prefer groomed runs, sloping hills, half pipes, trails, and some terrain parks. Snowbiking is an awesome sport! Trust me, you'll love it! If you like biking, motocross, Harley's or any style of bike riding you will love this! The feeling is one you have to experience for yourself.

HooDoo Mountain Resort has a great Skibike Festival every year in April. If you ride you should attend.

 Looking sooooo forward to this season of snowbiking!

 Have a Great Ride,

 Jeff Butcher 

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